Website Solutions


Website designing and web development are intellectual processes that are fundamental in creating rational and virtual modules which can help in communicating the perfect image of a brand. Every business has the goal of appealing to a wider base of audience in the online world, and such processes can help in creating the ideal platforms wherein end users can get in touch with the company. Here at Coding Doctors, our team of experts can deliver a range of efficient web design and web development solutions that can help a business firm to attain success easily.

Responsive webpage and CMS designing

During the designing phase of a website, special emphasis should be laid on the general layout and the reliable attributes for gaining traffic. The art of creating a responsive website design involves many specific features such as attractive graphics; creative framework; informative and precise content; iPad, iPhone and Android compatibility and mobile responsiveness. We also provide clients with CMS or ‘Content Management System’ designing that allows in effective presentation and management of different types of fresh content or information. It helps clients to add, remove or edit any information or image on a website without any delay. We can then promote a website by making use of effective digital marketing techniques.

We have a team of highly expert and skilled programmers that use certain types of software programs and technically updated tools like HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JQuery, Laravel, Ajax, PHP, Joomla, MySQL, WordPress, Magento and Drupal for carrying out designing, development and content management tasks. This makes our small business solutions highly efficient and reliable.

B2C portal development

We are skilled at developing versatile and highly functional B2C portals that allow our clients to present their business firms and brands to the target customers in the most professional and visually appealing ways. Our B2C portal development services guarantee maximum users-friendliness and browsing flexibility for customers.

B2B portals development

At Coding Doctors, our team of programmers and developers excel in presenting efficient B2B portals development services to clients that can assist them in their business endeavors.

Ecommerce Solutions

We can create versatile ecommerce platforms for our clients that are not only visually appealing but also high on security features. Our ecommerce solutions include conversion from one ecommerce development platform to another, ecommerce design and development, ecommerce theme development and implementation, ecommerce marketing and ecommerce extension development.

Small Business Solutions

All of our services are tailored to meet the needs of various small businesses. This means that we can provide reliable technical solutions to startups and local businesses that focus on catering to specific target audiences. Our website design and development services can ensure significant obline success and enhanced ROI within a short time.

Custom Web Development

  • At Coding Doctors, our experts interact with the client in order to have a better understanding of his or her requirements and expectations. This allows us to explain all the demands as well as productivity aspects to our clients accordingly.
  • Our website designers and developers always work together by making use of advanced technical tools for delivering remarkable output when it comes to custom web development.
  • Our market professionals focus on current market situation, virtual completion as well as potential client practices and desires.
  • Error and bug testing is conducted within the in-house servers before carrying out the final hosting stage. Tests are performed on various platforms and browsers for checking availability.

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